HIS and HER Fertility Booster

 Like all other couples, most would want to conceive right away. Having intercourse on the perfect timing with your ovulation cycle will definitely help. But according to advice on conception by experts, there are natural ways on how to boost your fertility. The online webpage shows a lot of tips and secrets on how to get pregnant faster.

            But if by any chance that you’ve invested time and effort but still no progress, here are some of the tips that are worth sharing to help you achieve your relationship goal; to have a baby of your own. You would be surprised at how easy to find this process is.

For HER: Weight Control

            Did you know that being overweight or underweight can greatly affect your ability to conceive as a woman? This is most often an overlooked factor when trying to conceive. But according to studies, keeping a healthy weight can help with conception. If you check on some online webpages, advice on conception would say that your BMI or body mass index score should be below 19. Time of conception was increased at this BMI score.

For HIM: Protect Your Sperm

            According to some advice on conception by experts in reproductive medicine, men should avoid exposing the testicles to sources of heat. Staying away from a hot tub day after day can help protect your sperm. Others believe that changing from briefs to boxers will boost your fertility. This is because boxers will keep your genital temperature down. Others follow this advice since they say that it works for most men, but this has not been proven by recent studies yet.

Knowing the dos and don’ts in improving your fertility rate is one of the things that you should consider. Weight control in women is proven to be effective in scientific studies. Theories on men are still under research, but it won’t hurt if we follow what others think is helpful in the meantime. Every effort is worth it, especially when you reap the benefits after nine months.