Effective Tips on Encouraging Wakefulness with Modafinil

There are many people who are suffering from Shift Work Sleepiness Disorder (SWSD). This is a sleeping condition that affects the circadian rhythm or the timing of sleep. Common patients include workers with different or intermittent schedules. Overcoming sleepiness is not easy that is why doctors will prescribe a medicine for you.

One of the most common drugs to treat SWSD is modafinil. You have to know that taking it involves a prescription from the doctor. The first thing that you need to do is consult the doctor first. The doctor will determine if you have a case of SWSD or other underlying illness. After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe various medications including modafinil.

It is crucial that you follow all the instructions from the doctor especially the time you should take it and the dosage as it can lead to complications. You have to be aware of the different side effects so you will know when to stop or when to seek medical attention. The ideal dosage of modafinil buy online is 200 mg. It should be taken once daily with or without having a meal.

Many patients consider modafinil online because of its convenience and ease. Imagine, online pharmacies have this fastest modafinil delivery. Modafinil will be more effective if you consider other activities while taking. Here are some tips on encouraging wakefulness with the help of modafinil:

Avoid long commutes
Night shifts or intermittent work schedule is not ideal but if your job requires you this, you have to be resilient. Avoiding long commutes may seem simple but it can make a big difference at the end of the shift. Long commutes will take your time away from sleeping. Instead of sleeping, you are still out there traveling which will exhaust you even more. Try looking for nearby apartments or rooms.

Keep your workplace bright
Without bright light, the body will think that it is night and sleeping is a must. This is how the body works. You can trick it by keeping your workplace bright. Brightness will promote wakefulness and alertness.

Avoid caffeine
Yes, caffeine can help you be more alert or awake but modafinil alone can sustain you for 12 to 15 hours. This is more than what caffeine can give. Drink water instead of caffeine that way it is healthier.

Eat healthily
Eating healthy will give nourishment to the body. It is important to prepare a good meal. Whether you make it or you order, make sure that it is packed with nutrients to help the body.

Create a plan for tomorrow

Before retiring to bed, create a plan for tomorrow and keep it. This is how you can maximize productivity. Do not just go about your daily life without clear objectives or goals. If you have deliverables, make it a priority than just waiting for your shift to end.

Ask for a different schedule
Sometimes, all it takes is to ask for a different schedule or a break from the intermittent work schedule. That is not too much to ask. Modafinil should not be taken all the time because it can affect the liver over time.

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