Get to know the various types of graphic designs & styles

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Various types of graphic designs

Graphic design is nothing but a visual communication and designs are involved typography, composition, visual arts and layout. A graphical designer creates & combines the images, text and symbols to form the visual representation of your ideas & messages. When you look at the types of graphical designs, there are various types of designs available for you and that are given below.

  • Corporate design which is the visual identity of brands & organization like logos
  • Environmental design which is the visual element that used in environments like architecture & transportation.
  • Product design used to create visual elements of product like stickers on the toy.
  • Video game art is nothing but creating or developing visual elements for games.

These are the various types of graphic designs. In fact, there are several types of graphic styles which used to create graphic designs as per your wish.

  • Arts & crafts
  • Futurism
  • Early modern
  • Late modern
  • Victorian
  • Art deco

These are the various types of graphic design styles. So, become the good Online Graphic Designer – SkillShare online source is here for you to teach everything about graphic designing.

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