Plot of Totoro

One rainy day the girl’s father did not arrive on the bus on which he is expected. The girls become very worried while waiting. While waiting Mei falls suddenly asleep on the back of Satsuki’s and then Totoro appears beside them. Satsuki has seen Totoro first time. Totoro has the only leaf for the protection from the rains on his head. Satsuki then offers him umbrella which she has taken for her father. Totoro is very much delighted by this shelter and the sound which is made on him by the raindrops. In return, Totoro has given Satsuki the seeds and the nuts. Then giant bus shaped cat halts at the stop and then it boards Totoro on it with the umbrella. Then after that girl’s father bus arrives.

The girls then plant the seeds. A few days later, they are awakened at the midnight and then they start finding Totoro. The two miniature colleagues then start ceremonial dancing around the seeds and the planted nuts. Girls join them and then the seeds sprout and grow and then combine into the enormous tree. Totoro then takes this girl and his colleagues for a ride on the magical flying top. In morning the tree has gone but the seeds are still sprouted.

Yasuko planned visit has been postponed due to the setback in the treatment. Satsuki becomes very disappointed because of this and then tells this bad news to Mei. Mei is not taking this news in a good way and then it leads to the argument between two girls. Satsuki then angrily yell on the Mei and then stomping off. Mei then decides to bring some fresh corn for her mother and then walk to the hospital.

The disappearance of Mei prompt Satsuki and to search for her. The neighbors also join her. Then Satsuki in desperation returns to the camphor tree and ask for the help of Ghibli. Then delighted Totoro assist her on his catbus and carries her to the place where lost Mei is sitting. After rescuing her from the catbus and then whisking her and Satsuki to the hospital in the countryside to see there mother.

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