Understanding the complete procedure of Hong Kong immigration USA

Immigration to US is 2 step procedures involving the petition and the visa application. Person who wants to immigrate to US should have the petition approved by US Citizenship & Immigration Service before anyone apply for the immigrant visa at US Consulate General Hong Kong. Petition is filed by the spouse, potential employer or qualified relative at USCIS office in US. The specific information on filing immigrant petitions also is available on USCIS website.

canda visa application hong kong

When USCIS has approved your petition it is then sent to Department of National Visa Center. Then NVC coordinates with the Hong Kong immigration USA the processing of the petitions based on type of the visa filed or numerical limits that are imposed on such kind of visa. When any petition is complete & ready for interview, then NVC will send this to Immigrant Visa Section of Consulate General. When Consulate General has got this visa petition, beneficiaries of a petition will apply for an immigrant visa. It is important to the Canda visa application Hong Kong for complete information on the processing

Immigrant Fee

All people issued the immigrant visas overseas should pay Immigrant Fee before they travel to United States. The returning residents , fianc├ęs entering with K visa, or adopted kids entering under the visa classes IH3, IH4, IR3, IR4, are all exempted from the fee. And this fee should be paid online through USCIS website.

US Consulate Appointment

The immigrant visa appointments will be scheduled by National Visa Center or Kentucky Consular Center. In a few cases, Consulate General may schedule appointment with applicant directly.