Why The Gazania Is The Ideal Condo For You

Condos are homes, the type of home that has a unique experience since it’s basically a building and you are living with a few people under one floor. Condos are very popular in productive countries like Singapore since it provides a glimpse of how the future of real estate will be, given Singapore’s situation with its growing population.

One of the popular condos that are getting a lot of attention is the new condo called The Gazania, located in 5 how Sun Drive, Singapore 538527 and developed by the SingHaiyi Group Limited. The Gazania is aimed to be a luxury themed condo, promises luxury living in the heart of the city. This is the reason why the developers chose the specific location where it now standard, which will further be justified as you read further.

The benefits: The benefits are the charm of The Gazania. These benefits are the reason why many people will love the place on the inside. While the location is strategic and great, there’s no denying that the inside of the condo has much to be desired. Below you can find those benefits and once you see it in person you would be wanting to buy a little piece of the world in The Gazania.

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  • Barbecue area – Perfect for family and friend gatherings
  • Playground – Perfect for your kids to pass the time and have fun
  • Gym and fitness area – Perfect for the people health conscious and people that want to be fit
  • First-class units – The concept is luxury and every corner of the unit speaks of that
  • The location – The condo is located in the heart of Singapore.
  • Tranquil – A relaxing experience that you will make you feel like royalty
  • Safe – The condo has a 24-hour security that puts a special emphasis on security.
  • Swimming pool and clubhouse – Perfect for fun, recreation, and relaxation

The near area: As mentioned above, The Gazania is situated in a strategic location. Its a very charming place but once you know what you have near you the desire to get a piece of the unit will be stronger. Below you will find the things that you will be able to enjoy if you get a unit from The Gazania:

  • Its near shopping centers:
    • NEX Shopping Centre
    • Poiz Centre
    • The Heartland Mall
  • It’s near a popular park
    • Bidadari Park
  • Its next to Bartley MRT Station
    • Easy bus ride
    • Easy train ride
    • Easy taxi ride

Condominiums are common these days especially in growing countries like Singapore since this is the practical way to address real estate needs due to the growing population. But there’s just so many around that no matter how condos are being advertised they always fall on the mediocre side. But not The Gazania. It has the benefits like a barbecue place, gym, pool. It’s in a good location, near The Gazania Bartley MRT Station, the shopping malls, and Bidadari Park and various well known schools. With those alone, its perfect for anyone. The Gazania definitely lived up to the hype when they advertised it that the condominium will be a luxury-themed one. For more detail, you can visit .thegazaniacondo.com.sg.