All about a proxy server

In the majority of the cases, people expect that others should not come to know what they arebrowsing and about their browsing history. So, online privacy is something that everybody expects. Proxy is the best solution to maintain online anonymity and privacy. Through proxy, it is possible to keep the entire browsing history a secret.

proxy browser

Proxy and hiding browsing history:

For the web which user is using a proxy can act as a filter. It will sit in between internet and user,and it acts like an intermittent. Through this, it is also possible to come out of filters and another geo- restriction which are usually present on the internet. When the user has a proxy,and he is browsing, others can only see the IP of the proxy and not the user. This is the reason the IP of the user will be kept secret,and no one can touch the user’s personal and important data.

Proxy and VPN:

In case if users do not want to make use of virtual proxy servers, they can make use of VPN or virtual proxy networks. The service provider will give an IP address,andthe user will make use of that. Through VPN it is possible to overcome many things like geo-restriction along with maintaining security and privacy. It is also possible that a VPN can be used to secure all the existing smart gadgets at home.

VPN vs. VPS:

It is difficult to say which is better among these two. Both of them have their own advantages,and they come with their own features. VPS is capable of securingthe user’s identity and system. VPN ensures anonymity across the internetand gives security through encryption.

So, the proxy also comes with a lot of advantages along with providing anonymity. It can secure user from hackers providing the highest security. The proxy server can improve the performance of the system as well. It will store the user’s activities in the cache,and whenever the user requests the same information, there is no need to request the internet again. It will serve the user from its stored cache.

Through this user will have great browsing experience and network speed also gets improved. These are the main reasons why the proxy browser is in use today,andpeople are making use of it mainly for anonymity and security. Since it can hide the IP address of the user, the server will not come to know who is requesting and their IP address. Anonymity becomes very important mainly to maintain security. Since hackers on the web will not be able to get to know about the user’s personal data, the user will be saved from them.