Cool Couriers: How Delivery Drivers can transport Dry Ice

Most drivers do not usually process perishable products, such as fresh and frozen foods; but the ability to handle this type of delivery can give you a significant advantage over other emails. You can even carry valuables such as laboratory samples or medical supplies that must be stored at the proper temperature. The best part is that you can charge a small additional fee for these services.

Here is a basic list of what you can do to better handle the delivery of perishable products.

Get basic materials

New drivers who wish to transport perishable products will need: insulated containers of various sizes, old newspapers, plastic containers and ready dry ice couriers. The containers can be simple foam boxes, but the important thing is that you have enough containers to handle bags of different sizes. It would be much more expensive in terms of logistics to use large containers for several small packages at the same time.

dry ice couriers

Packaging of perishable products

Delivery drivers can start by packing perishable products in overlapping layers of plastic adhesive film to seal and protect it. Now select a piece of dry ice to match the bottom of the package. Never touch directly on dry ice. Once the ice is in place, cover it with two or three layers of an old newspaper. Place the item on top and use an old newspaper to fix it in place. That is why you must choose a container that matches the size of the item or items that will be delivered. Seal the container, affix a label that says it contains dry ice, and it will be useful for delivery.

Perishable discharge

As delivery controllers, you will have two options: download the entire package, including the foam container, or remove the package from the container and transfer it to the recipient. Let your client decide which one you prefer. They would have to pay a little more for the boat, but it would be ideal if nobody could pick up the bag immediately or if there was no refrigeration unit nearby.