Family Law: How to Create a DIY Divorce Paper?

Once a couple comes to a point that they are no longer happy with each other, a divorce can be filed at the court. A divorce can be the most confusing time in your life, but filing for a divorce doesn’t need to be stressful, expensive, and hard.

Several states and countries are providing free do-it-yourself divorce papers online. You can simply download it and fill them out at your own comfort. However, it is always best to have a divorce solicitors manchester with you to review the papers before submitting them to the court.

Besides, with do-it-yourself divorce papers, you will always have the option to decide if you are comfortable enough doing them by yourself which can, of course, reduce the expenses.

divorce solicitors manchesterWhen to Use the DIY Divorce Paper?

DIY divorce papers are allowed only when the divorce is uncontested, still, it varies depends on the state and country. It means you and your spouse have resolved all the major issues, such as child custody and spousal support. If you and your spouse doesn’t resolve the issues yet, then, you have a contested divorce. It is best to consult for a divorce solicitor for legal advice.

Steps to Get a Divorce with DIY Papers

Before proceeding with DIY divorce papers, always make sure that your spouse is being honest with you about the savings, income, and not hiding any assets. If all settled, you can check your state’s or country’s court website for divorce papers. Several states and other countries have divorce forms online, and other states and countries enable you to file an online divorce.

Some of the court websites will give instructions on how to complete the form. And if ever you cannot find the forms online, proceed with the county clerk’s officer, divorce court clerk, or a divorce solicitor and asked for an uncontested divorce packet.

Always make sure to download the correct form. Please also remember that divorce forms in several states and countries are not always the same for couples with or without children.

Cost of Divorce Without a Solicitor or Lawyer

One way of saving money on your divorce case is to file a divorce without a lawyer or a divorce solicitor. But only if you have an uncontested divorce, meaning, you and your spouse can create your own divorce agreement.

The only costs you’re going to spend are filing fees, serving the papers, and the cost of the divorce papers if you get it online, still vary depends on the states and countries. Some online companies will charge you for preparation of divorce papers and some will give you lawyers or divorce solicitors to review the information for you.

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