The Sensual Massage Tips

Doing a sensual massage to someone special is great to show your feelings and create intimacy.

Here are some tips you can follow to give your special sensual massage that is truly appreciated.

Start by creating a sensual environment using a combination of lighting, sounds, smells and temperature. This may include aromatherapy oils, scented candles, bass music or other peaceful tunes. Then check your hands before starting. Make sure your nails are trimmed and your skin is slightly warm, not cold or rough.

Start the experience; let your special person take a hot bath, and then a sensual scalp massage. Scalp massage is liked by men and women, as a light touch relieves the stress of the day. Allow you to undress while you feel comfortable before lying on a comfortable surface.

Start a sensual massage hong kong using your best criteria based on what you know about your partner’s likes and dislikes. If you have tickles with light touches, be sure to use long sliding strokes. You can start with tantric massage or start with tense areas such as shoulders, neck, lower back, hips and feet.

sensual massage hong kongWhen massaging your partner, use a combination of light, ultra-light and moderate pressure. Ask for suggestions to improve the experience. After relative relaxation, you can begin to massage sensitive areas such as the inner thighs, back of the knee, inner wrists, and face, click get more details.


Finish the massage by letting your partner put on silk clothes, accompanied by your favorite drinks and other small gifts such as chocolates. Do not let the expectations of what happens next interrupt your relaxation.